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Ben Affleck Brought Back His Memorable Miserable Look at the Grammys & Social Media Is Having A Field Day

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck reminded us all of the iconic “miserable look” he gave during a divorce hearing when he attended the Grammys last week. Though not intentional, this moment quickly went viral and social media has been abuzz about it ever since! Read on to find out more about why this memorable moment is still making waves and how it’s impacting Ben Affleck’s brand

Ben Affleck’s Memorable Miserable Look

It was the return of the “memorable miserable look” that set social media ablaze during Sunday night’s Grammy Awards.

Ben Affleck, who was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars earlier this month, was photographed pulling what can only be described as a very pained expression on the red carpet.

The actor has become known for this particular facial expression, which he first displayed back in 2015 when his marriage to Jennifer Garner ended.

And it seems that fans just can’t get enough of it, with many taking to Twitter to share their amusement at Affleck’s dour Grammys face.

Why His Miserable Look Was So Memorable and Iconic

It was a moment that had everyone talking: when Ben Affleck made his walk down the red carpet at the Grammys with a very noticeable, and very miserable, look on his face.

The actor has been open about his struggles with depression in the past, and this image of him appeared to many to be a representation of that. It quickly became an iconic and memorable image, one that social media had a field day with.

There are plenty of theories as to why Affleck may have looked so unhappy at the event. Some believe he was uncomfortable being back in the public eye after taking some time away from Hollywood. Others think he was simply not feeling well that night.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that this wasn’t just another case of “celebrities looking unhappy at award shows.” This was a real moment of vulnerability from Affleck, one that will likely stay with us for some time to come.

Twitter Reactions to Ben Affleck’s Appearance at The Grammys

When Ben Affleck showed up at the Grammys on Sunday night, social media had a lot to say about his appearance. The actor has been vocal about his struggles with alcohol in the past, and many Twitter users speculated that he might be drinking again based on his appearance.

“Ben Affleck looks like he’s about to pass out,” one user wrote. “Grammys getting wild,” another said.

“What is going on with Ben Affleck??? He looks AWFUL,” one concerned fan tweeted.

While it’s impossible to know for sure what was going on with Affleck, it’s safe to say that he didn’t look his best. Hopefully he’s doing OK and just had a bad night.

How Social Media Is Celebrating Ben Affleck’s Return To The Grammys

Ben Affleck’s return to the Grammys this year was pretty much what everyone expected it to be – he brought back his memorable, miserable look from last year’s show.

And social media is having a field day with it.

One Twitter user even created a GIF of Affleck’s facial expressions from last year’s show, set to the tune of “Miserlou”

others are sharing photos and memes of the actor looking less than thrilled to be back at the Grammys.

But some people are celebrating Affleck’s return, calling him a “mood” and saying they “stans [sic] a legend.”

What do you think of Ben Affleck’s return to the Grammys?
Whether you love or hate his reaction, it’s definitely hard to ignore the fact that Ben Affleck is back at the Grammys – and social media isn’t letting us forget about it. While some are sharing their appreciation for the actor’s commitment to staying true to himself despite possible social pressures, others are having a field day making fun of his less-than-thrilled expression. All jokes aside, we do hope he had a good time this year!

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Ben Affleck brought the internet joy and nostalgia with his Miserable Look at the Grammys. His style, which has been a hit in memes for years, is sure to remain relevant as time goes on. Affleck’s subtle nod to his signature look delighted fans old and new alike—and added a unique touch of humor to the evening’s festivities that won’t soon be forgotten!

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