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Terms and Condition

We welcome you to our website. We are sharing the terms and conditions with you to tell you that if you want to use our services, you need to see and follow the terms and conditions. If you are willing to use our services and visit our website, you have an official agreement with us. You can check the terms and conditions in detail according to our organization. It is easy to access our website Scooby Mag. If you use our website, it means to agree with our terms and conditions.

We will do it if we change different things on our website because we want to progress our organization. You will not have any problem. If we change anything, you will not have a difficult situation because we will tell you before changing what you need to do and how you can use services.

Who is authorized to use our services?

If you are 18 years old and can guarantee your age, you can use our services and get beneficial information from our website. The website administration wants to provide you with the services and give you full help, especially if you are 18 years old as the client.


If you subscribe to our services, then you will be utilizing our services and agreeing to the marketing information, newsletters, and promotional materials. We provide you with communication services, but still, if you want, you can get specific information, and if you want, you can subscribe to our services. If you want, you can unsubscribe to our services by clicking the link on the website or by the email we have sent you.

Authentic Content

The content we have on our website Scooby Mag is our authority, and we have the right to access this thing and are also authorized as our thing. If you want, you can use the services and the content with permission, but you can’t copy or download it for later use. You can’t modify the content and can’t do anything which can be called fraud or copyright. It is not allowed even if you want to use it for personal use. You can only see the content on our website but only after taking official permission.


You can get the top, not services, by registering with us, and the offer we have for you is for a time. For that period, you will be using the full services, and the period for that will be given to you by the receipt of the card or even email. They even will give you the codes you can redeem but only for using the services. You can’t redeem it for cash or any other beneficial things for yourself, and it can’t be used for any discount.