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SSM Smart Square Login and How to Access it

SMM Smart Square Login Picture

The SSM Smart Square login portal is a website where workers of health-related companies can log in to access Avanta’s white-labeled scheduling tools. The SSM smart square software enables physicians and nurses to plan their time most efficiently, particularly regarding employee attendance management.

With over 50 companies using SSM smart square in the United States and abroad, this healthcare software is intended especially for extensive medical facilities in the private sector (typically with 5000+ employees). Over 60% of its services are used in hospitals in the US, with other applications including surgery centers, cardiology clinics, animal facilities, and even family health clinics.

What is SSM Smart Square? 

It is a software designed specifically for health care professionals, with fully automated features, including smart square scheduling SSM, staffing, planning, deployment, and reports of the entire process from beginning to conclusion. Using SSM smart square. You can generate unbiased and equitable schedules by implementing industry rules that assure equality and matching resources to the needs of the patients.

This software aids in developing hands-on and well-thought-out employment plans, which are necessary to stay ahead of the competition. The SSM smart square login web portal will provide scheduling functionality for healthcare professionals and SSM healthcare consumers to make laborers more comfortable and intelligent.

It aligns efficiency with resources by comparing hours to expenditures and generates same-day adjustments to a financial plan. It manages last-minute requirements at the enterprise level with system-wide deployment capabilities, thereby increasing care and reducing costs. It computes performance with reliable data using the productivity dashboard, which provides precise, actionable data from the enterprise to the unit level.

The smart square SSM application aims to provide scheduling and staffing tools for best practice work strategies in the healthcare industry. Let us know how to access your SSM smart square login account; below are the login instructions. Before learning how to log in, let’s discuss the login requirements.

  • Login web address
  • Username and passphrase
  • Internet connection
  • laptop, smartphone, computer, or tablet

Principal features of SSM Smart Square

Smart Square encompasses a variety of planning categories, including cyclic shift planning, self-planning, available for potential emergency booking, open shift enrollment for executives, and quick shift enrollment. Thus, the association can proactively distribute staff to the optimal locations and resolve patient concerns.

Utilizing time efficiently saves time for the medical services of all executives by making interactions speedier and less chaotic. In addition, dazzling Square consolidates a model that helps plan shifts from 120 days before the change, aiding SSM medical services in preventing last-minute staff searches and increasing the accessibility of unforeseen assets.

Shrewd Square provides transparency on all levels. On this apparatus, one can view everything associated with the emergency clinic, offices, and office, the availability of the Staff, and reschedules so that any issue or change can be resolved without difficulty.

Additional Features

  • Dashboards: Provides numerous dashboards to display the capabilities more precisely.
  • It enables the chiefs to evaluate the exhibits and outcomes and, based on that, designate an additional time or devise arrangements.
  • Seeing the efficiency, hours performed, and cost evaluation separately.
  • It allows for a review of critical measurements to be taken concerning objectives.
  • SSM Smart Square provides diagrams, bars, pie graphs, and tables for enhanced examination comprehension.
  • Organizations with diverse workforces utilize this product instrument. SSM Healthcare has nearly 40,000 employees and approximately 11,000 suppliers. This apparatus makes executive labor easier and more efficient.
  • A tremendously developed instrument that can be accessed from anywhere. The health workers should not have access to this equipment at the office.
  • The association plans excursions and movements to compensate for unforeseen staffing shortages.

How to access the SSM Smart square login page?

If you wish to log in to SSM smart square, enter your username and password below. To access Smart square SSM, you must execute the following steps:

  • First, go to to access the SSM smart square login page. After clicking the URL, a new tab will open.
  • Then, input your login credentials in the required field. Smart square login SSM or the SSM smart square login authority will provide these credentials.
  • Then, select the login button to gain access to your account. Then you will be logged in successfully.

Registration for SSM Smart square:

If you wish to register for the portal, please follow the procedures below:

  • First, please visit
  • On the homepage, you must select the chart login option.
  • The user will be redirected to the new page to register for a new chart.
  • On the new page, input the following information:
  • Enter the registrant’s first name, middle initial, and last name.
  • Enter the complete address, including state and city
  • Input the last four digits of the Social Security number
  • Then input the date of birth and select the gender option.
  • Then, submit the email address and confirm it with the mobile phone number.
  • Finally, click the button. I’m not an automaton.
  • Click the submit button to conclude.
  • The information will be sent to the user’s registered email address.

How to reset a password you’ve forgotten?

Follow the steps below to successfully reset your SSM login password if you have forgotten it:

  • Visit the official login website at
  • Then click the Forgotten Password link.
  • Then, input your login ID and email address in the field provided.
  • Then, select the “Send Email” button and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.


The SSM smart square is an excellent scheduling tool that should help you organize your employees and complete more work in less time. Logging in/registering correctly takes precedence over all other simple duties, so ensure you understand how the SSM smart square login page functions! If you like what they offer and are willing to give it a chance, we trust you will have a positive experience using this service tomorrow and soon.

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