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Kylie Jenner Showcases Tender Moments With Son Stormi As He Celebrates His First Birthday Bash

Kylie Jenner

From the looks of it, Kylie Jenner had a touching and memorable day celebrating the first birthday of her son Stormi. In this blog post, we’ll talk about all the special moments shared between mother and son, including an especially sweet kiss that made us come away with smiles on our faces.

Introduction: Kylie Jenner’s Sweet Moments With Son Stormi

As Kylie Jenner’s son Stormi Webster celebrates his first birthday, let’s take a look back at some of the sweetest moments between mother and son.

From Stormi’s born to now, Kylie has been nothing but supportive, loving, and an overall great mom. When Stormi was born, Kylie took to social media to express her gratitude and love for her new baby. Along with several photos of Stormi, Kylie wrote “I’m so lucky. storms come in all different shapes and sizes.. mine just happen [to] be extra special and I needed him more than he needed me. God made no mistakes with this one. happy 1 month old mr. webster ❤️”

Since then, there have been many adorable moments between the two that have been caught on camera or through social media posts. One moment in particular that stood out was when Kylie posted an Instagram story of her playing peek-a-boo with Stormi while she laughed hysterically. The video was captioned with “peek-a-boo! i see youuuu!” proving that even when she’s busy being a businesswoman and influencer, she still makes time for quality bonding moments with her son.

Warm Heartfelt Posts for Stormi’s First Birthday Bash

Kylie Jenner took to social media to share some tender moments with her son, Stormi, as he celebrated his first birthday bash. The makeup mogul posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram, showing off Stormi’s big day.

In one photo, Kylie is seen holding Stormi close as he blows out his candle. “My baby turns one today,” she captioned the touching moment. Kylie also posted a video of herself giving Stormi a kisses on the cheek.

Stormi’s birthday bash looked like it was full of fun and family. In another photo, Kylie is seen smiling while surrounded by Stormi and her cousins. The party appeared to have a mustached theme, with several photos of decorated cookies and cupcakes featuring mustaches.

Kylie concluded her series of posts with an adorable video of Stormi clapping along to “Happy Birthday” being sung in Spanish. It’s clear that the first year of Stormi’s life has been full of love and happiness – and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Videos of Kylie Doting on Her Little One

Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi celebrated her first birthday on February 1, 2019, and to mark the occasion, Kylie took to social media to share some adorable videos of herself doting on her little one. In the videos, which were posted to Kylie’s Instagram Story, we see the reality star and makeup mogul playing with Stormi and giving her kisses. Kylie also shared a sweet video of herself singing “Happy Birthday” to Stormi while she blows out her candle. It’s clear from these videos that Kylie is absolutely smitten with her daughter, and it’s so sweet to see!

Posing for Sexy Selfies in Between Special Moments

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner loves to take sexy selfies. In between all the special moments with her son Stormi, she still finds time to snap a few sultry pictures of herself. And we’re not complaining!

Kylie took to Instagram to share a few photos of herself posing in between all the birthday festivities. In one photo, she can be seen sitting on a chair in a sheer black top and matching thong. Her long hair is flowing down her back and she has a seductive smile on her face.

In another photo, Kylie is standing in front of a mirror with her shirt pulled up to show off her toned abs. She has her hand placed suggestively on her hip and is giving the camera a smoldering look.

We love seeing Kylie Jenner being both a loving mother and a sexy goddess!

Renewed Focus on Family Life

Kylie Jenner and her family celebrated Stormi’s first birthday with a lavish party at their home in Hidden Hills, California. The party was complete with a butterfly-themed cake, textured decorations, and a custom-made “Stormiworld” sweatshirt for the birthday boy. Kylie took to Instagram to share photos and videos of the special day, including tender moments with her son.

In one video, Kylie can be seen holding Stormi close as he eats his cake. She captioned the clip, “My little lovebug.” In another photo, Kylie is seen kissing Stormi on the cheek as he looks at his cake with amazement. The proud mom also shared a photo of Stormi sitting in his high chair, surrounded by presents.

It’s clear that Kylie Jenner is relishing in these precious moments with her son. As she celebrates his first birthday, she appears to be more focused on family life than ever before. With two successful businesses and over 150 million followers on Instagram, Kylie has proved that she can juggle it all. But it seems like her priorities have shifted since becoming a mom, and we can’t help but admire her for it.

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As Kylie Jenner and her family celebrated Stormi’s first birthday, it’s clear that the little one is already very much loved by his mom and dad. While many adults view their birthdays as a milestone and a cause for celebration, it was especially lovely to see the bond between mother and son so clearly highlighted – with plenty of hugs, kisses, sweet moments together in pictures shared by Kylie- and feeling grateful to be able to partake in such an amazing occasion. Here’s wishing Stormi a wonderful second year!

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