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Santos vs Monterrey: The Story Of When You Wish Upon The Star

Santos vs Monterrey: The Story Of When You Wish Upon The Star

I want to write about Santos vs Monterrey. Put simply, Santos La Piedad were the champions of Mexico and Monterrey will represent America in the 2019 Libertadores Tournament. While they are arguably two of the smaller teams in Liga MX, their contrasting styles make for an unpredictable knockout game suitable for any football fan.

Santos play a very traditional Mexican style of football, keeping the ball on the ground and looking to exploit space in behind the defense. Monterrey, on the other hand, are more direct and look to utilize their physicality and pace to hurt teams on the counter-attack. The difference in styles should make for an interesting game, with each team looking to nullify the other’s main strengths.

The game will be played over two legs, with the first taking place at the Estadio Corona on Wednesday 27th February. The return leg will be played at the Estadio BBVA Ban comer on Wednesday 6th March. I’m predicting a close game, with Monterrey just edging it 2-1 on aggregate.

Santos vs Monterrey: The Story Of When You Wish Upon The Star

The Santos vs Monterrey Match

When the Santos Laguna and Monterrey Rayados met on the pitch in Liga MX, it was more than just a football match. It was a battle between two of Mexico’s fiercest rivals.

The Santos vs Monterrey match is always one to watch, but this particular meeting had even more at stake. With both teams vying for first place in the standings, there was plenty of tension leading up to the game.

As expected, the match did not disappoint. The two teams went back and forth, with each taking turns attacking and defending. The level of play was extremely high, and neither team could find a breakthrough.

Then, in the dying moments of the match, something amazing happened. Monterrey’s Dorlan Pabon scored a jaw-dropping goal to give his team the lead. The stadium erupted, and the Monterrey fans went wild.

It was a moment that will be remembered for years to come. When you wish upon the star, sometimes your dreams do come true.
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Santos vs Monterrey: The Story Of When You Wish Upon The Star

Santos Laguna 4-3 Monterrey

Santos Laguna scored four goals in the space of thirteen minutes to overturn a 3-0 deficit and win an entertaining match 4-3 against Monterrey. The hosts had taken an early lead through Rogelio Funes Mori and further extended their advantage after half-time with goals from Dolan Pabon and Avilés Hurtado.

Santos responded emphatically, however, with Colombian striker Darwin Quintero netting a brace either side of two goals from Mexican international Oribe Peralta. Monterrey rallied late on but were ultimately unable to find an equalizer, as Santos held on for a dramatic victory.

The result means that Santos are now level on points with Monterrey at the top of the Mexican Clausura standings, albeit having played one game more than their rivals. It was also their first ever win against Monterrey at the Estadio Tecnológico, in what was only the second meeting between the two sides in over eight years.

Santos vs Monterrey: The Story Of When You Wish Upon The Star

The Symbolism Behind Wishes to Stars

When you make a wish upon a star, you may not know it, but you are tapping into a long-held belief that your hopes and dreams can come true. The idea of wishing upon a star originated in ancient cultures, who saw the stars as mystical beings or gods that had the power to grant wishes.

The most famous example of this is the story of Aladdin, who rubs an enchanted lamp and is granted three wishes by a genie. While the specifics of the story are different in each culture, the symbolism remains the same. A wish made upon a star is seen as having the potential to come true because it is being made to a powerful celestial being.

This symbolism has been adopted by many people around the world who see wishing upon a star as a way to put their faith in the universe and trust that their desires will be fulfilled. No matter what you wish for, whether it’s something small like better parking spaces or something bigger like world peace, when you make a wish to a star, you are tapping into something truly magical.

Why Wishing on the Star Might be a Good Idea in 2018

In 2018, wishing on the star might be a good idea. The story of when you wish upon the star is about a young girl named Santos who lives in Monterrey, Mexico. She is very poor and her family struggles to make ends meet. One day, she finds a shooting star and makes a wish to become rich and famous. Her wish comes true and she becomes a famous singer. She falls in love with a wealthy man and they live happily ever after.

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Santos vs Monterrey: The Story Of When You Wish Upon The Star

This story shows that wishes can come true if you believe in them. If you make a wish with all your heart, it might just come true. So if you’re feeling down and out in 2018, don’t forget to look up at the stars and make a wish. It could be the best decision you ever make.


The Santos vs Monterrey game was one of the most anticipated matches of the season. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to the hype as Santos ran out comfortable winners. However, there were still some standout moments, particularly when You Wish Upon The Star came on in the second half. It was a special moment for both sets of fans and something that will be remembered for a long time to come.


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