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Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano Rescheduled After Injury To Puerto Rican Boxer

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano Rescheduled After Injury To Puerto Rican Boxer

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano  is set to be one of the most anticipated fights of the year, and it has been rescheduled after an injury occurred to Puerto Rican boxer Amanda Serrano. The fight was initially scheduled to take place on October 3rd, however due to a shoulder injury suffered by Serrano, it has been moved to December 5th. 

This fight is significant for women’s boxing as Taylor and Serrano are two of the top female boxers in the world and they have both achieved stellar records weighted with titles. Taylor currently holds unified lightweight titles while holding an undefeated record of 16-0 (6 KOs). Meanwhile, Amanda Serrano has fought for 8 different titles in 7 different weight classes throughout her career, having won every single one of them. She has also managed a total 42 wins with 1 draw which makes her record even more impressive.

 Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano was originally scheduled to take place on October 6th but had to be postponed due to an injury suffered by Serrano in training. The new date for the fight is November 10th and it will still be held at Madison Square Garden in New York. This will be a historic fight as it will be the first time that two active world champions have faced each other in the women’s division.

Both Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano are undefeated and both are multiple weight world champions. Taylor is the current WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO lightweight champion while Serrano is the reigning WBO featherweight champion. This fight has been billed as the biggest fight in women’s boxing history and it is sure to live up to the hype.

Background on Amanda Serrano’s Injury and Cancellation

Serrano (37-1-1, 27 KOs) was forced to withdraw from the highly anticipated clash with Taylor after suffering a hand injury in training. The 30-year-old Puerto Rican boxer sustained the injury when she was sparring with former world champion Jessica McCaskill.

This is not the first time that Serrano has had to pull out of a fight against Taylor. The two were originally scheduled to meet in 2017, but the bout was postponed due to Hurricane Maria.

Despite the setback, both boxers remain determined to face each other. “I’m very disappointed that Amanda Serrano is injured and we won’t be able to fight on October 5th,” said Taylor. “I know she’s gutted too. We’ll get this fight made as soon as possible.”

Serrano echoed Taylor’s sentiment, saying, “I’m beyond devastated that I can’t compete against Katie on October 5th. I hope she recovers quickly from her hand injury.”

Response from Both Boxers and the Boxing Community

The response from both boxers and the boxing community to the news that Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano has been rescheduled due to an injury to the Puerto Rican boxer has been overwhelmingly positive. Both boxers took to social media to express their disappointment at the postponement of the fight but also their excitement for when it does eventually take place. The boxing community have also largely been supportive of the decision, with many fans taking to social media to express their hope that the fight will still happen.

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano Rescheduled After Injury To Puerto Rican Boxer

Overall, there seems to be a real sense of positivity and excitement surrounding this rescheduled bout, which is surely only good news for women’s boxing as a whole.

Impact of the Cancellation

The impact of the cancellation of the Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano fight is widespread. Many boxing fans were looking forward to this high-profile matchup, and the news of its postponement has been met with disappointment.

The bout was originally scheduled for October 5th in Boston, but Serrano suffered a hand injury during training, forcing the fight to be rescheduled. It is now set for December 14th in New York City.

While the postponement is certainly a disappointment, it does give both fighters more time to prepare and train. And with the new date being just before Christmas, there’s a chance that even more people will tune in to watch what promises to be an exciting match-up.

Speculations On When the Rematch Will Happen

While the rematch between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano is not yet officially scheduled, there are many speculations on when it may take place. Some believe that the fight will happen within the next few months, while others think it could be pushed back to early 2020. No matter when the rematch does happen, one thing is for sure – both warriors will be prepared to leave everything in the ring in order to come out victorious.


The Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano bout has certainly been a long time in the making and it’s unfortunate that an injury to one of the fighters had to delay their potential fight. However, fans have received very exciting news that the bout is now rescheduled for August 2021 and we can only hope for a great performance from both boxers. Though many thought this match-up may never happen, there is still light at the end of the tunnel as both women prepare for battle next summer. We are all looking forward to what promises to be a thrilling boxing showdown come August!

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