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How To Paint Furby Eyes That Look Realistic

How To Paint Furby Eyes That Look Realistic

Furby is a plush toy that was manufactured by Hasbro. A classic toy in the ’90s, Furby has been known for its interesting intelligence and quirky personality. You can buy the furry creature on Amazon or eBay because they now make them again. With an increasing issue of how to paint furby eyes like models are using, this guide can help You complete your project with ease.

What is a Furby

Furby is a toy created by American company Mattel for children. Furby comes in three colors including red, yellow, and green. Furby has a large head that can turn 360 degrees and move its eyes, mouth and tongue. Furby also talks and sings.

How to Paint Furby Eyes

There are several ways to paint furby eyes that look realistic. The first way is to use an eyeshadow palette, and mix different shades of brown, black, and white together until you get the colour you want. Be sure to use a light hand with the eyeshadows, since too much darkness will make your furby’s eyes look creepy rather than realistic. You can also try a few different techniques for shading the eyes. One is to use a thin brush to apply lighter areas around the pupils and darker areas around the iris, and another is to use a thicker brush to create a more defined pupil.

The second way to paint furby eyes that look realistic is to use a makeup sponge or finger.Apply a light line of concealer around the edge of the eye and fill in the pupil with liquid eyeliner. Blend it in well using your fingers, then Apply a more opaque layer of liner and concealer over top. To finish, draw on eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and add lashes if desired.

The third way to paint furby eyes that look realistic is to use colored contact lenses. Choose two or three colors that complement your furby’s color scheme, and insert them into your eyes before painting them

Care and Maintenance of your Furby

When you first get your Furby, it is likely that you will want to take great care of it. Furby eyes are one of the most important features on this toy and taking care of your Furby’s eyes is essential in keeping them looking realistic. 

Here are a few tips for taking care of your Furby’s eyes: 

-Make sure that the Furby’s eyes are clean and free from any dust or dirt. Gently clean the eye with a soft cloth or water and mild soap. Allow the furby to dry completely before replacing its eye. 

-If there is any eye irritation, discontinue use immediately and bring the Furby to a local veterinarian. If irritation persists, rinse and gently clean the furby’s eye with a mild soap and allow it to dry before replacing the eye. 

-Do not use artificial dyes or other chemicals on your Furby’s eyes as this may result in damage or irritation.

You will need paint, a paintbrush and furby.

First, start by painting the furby’s eyes white. Then use a light blue color to paint the brows, eyelashes and irises. Finally, use a dark blue color to paint the pupils. Let the furby dry completely before proceeding.

Paint the eyes on your Furby realistically with these easy steps!

First, prep the Furby’s eye area with a light layer of concealer. Next, use a blending brush to mix various shades of green and brown together to get the desired coloration. Finally, apply this color to the eye areas with a shading brush, making sure to blend well. For extra realism, use a black eyeliner to line the eyes and define their shapes.

 What are the different colors for Furby eyes?

A Furby’s eyes are made up of many small spheres which are painted dark brown, black, or a deep green depending on the Furby’s species. An easy way to make the eyes look realistic is to use different shades of brown and green paint to create a gradient effect. Alternatively, you can use white paint to lighten the underlying color and then use other darker shades to bring out the highlights.

They will be called black, red and yellow

When it comes to painting the eyes on your Furby, you have a few options. You can either use an actual eye color or you can paint the cornea and iris colors separately. You will also need to decide if you want them to look realistic or cartoonish.

Realistic Eyes

If you want your Furby’s eyes to look realistic, start by sketching out a basic eye shape on white paper using a pencil. Next, use a black felt tip pen to shade in the pupil and the whites of the eye sockets. Finally, use a red felt tip pen to add detail to the blood vessels in the surrounding area.

Cartoonish Eyes

If you want your Furby’s eyes to look cartoonish, start by sketching out a basic eye shape on white paper using a pencil. Next, use two colors of gel pens to draw in the pupil and iris colors. Finally, fill in any other details using black and red gel pens.

What’s Your Furby Experience?

If you’ve ever owned a Furby, you know what kind of traits they come with- big, expressive eyes. But if you want your furry friend to look realistic, painting its eyes is one way to achieve that. Here are five tips to painting Furby eyes that look real and lifelike:

  1. Use an Eye Shadow Palette

The first step to painting Furby eyes realistically is to select the right eye shadow palette. A light pink or red shadow will create a youthful appearance, while a darker shade will create a more realistic appearance. Experiment with different shades until you find the one that looks best.

  1. Base Shadow First

Once you have selected your eye shadow, the next step is to base it in with a light color. This will help to define the shape and size of the eye while giving it a subtle sheen. Do not use too much color; just enough to give the eye a nice outline and definition.

  1. Add Texture and Depth with Eyeshadow Pigments

Next, add in textures and depth with eyelash pigments or mastics. These provide defining lines around the pupil which can help to make the eyes seem more realistic.

  1. Contrast Eye  Shadows

To create the contrast between the base shadow and the eye color, use a darker shadow. This will help to sharpen the edges of the eye and create a more lifelike appearance.

  1. Brush on Furby Eyes

Finally, apply eye makeup with a slim brush like an eyeliner brush to give the eyes a more defined shape. Use a light hand when applying any eye shimmer or eyeshadow, as these can make the Furby look artificial.

Is It Time To Get A New Furby?

 How To Paint Furby Eyes That Look Realistic

Furby fans rejoice! Even though they are no longer in production, Furby eyes can be customized to look realistic. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Begin by sketching the outline of your Furby’s eye onto a piece of paper. Try to get as close to the original shape as possible. You may need to adjust the outline once you have it drawn, depending on how big or small your Furby’s eye is.
  2. Now use a black pencil to fill in the eye outline with slightstrokes, making sure that the pupil is well-defined and that the iris is a darker color than the rest of the eye. Don’t worry too much about accuracy at this point; you’ll be able to refine it later.
  3. Use a light green pencil to create highlights around the pupil and on the inner edge of the eye, adding depth and realism. Be sure to also shade in any veins that may be visible.
  4. Once again, use a black pencil to lightly fill in any areas that you’d like darkened and shadowed (such as above and below the eye). Be sure not to distort or over-shadow any of the lighter areas, or you’ll end up

Finished Product

If you want to paint furby eyes that look realistic, start by sketching out your desired eye shape on some paper. Once you have a rough idea of what you want, begin painting the outline of the eye using a dark color. Next, use a light color to fill in the inside of the eyeball. Finally, add details like lashes and eyebrows using medium or dark colors as needed. For a more finished appearance, you can use a glossy sealant to complete the look.

Painting Face Details

If you’re looking to create realistic furby eyes, there are a few techniques that you can employ. The first thing you’ll need to do is base your eye color on the furby’s natural coloring. Once you have that color, you can use a light wash of India ink to create highlights in your furby’s irises. You can also use a darker wash to create shadows around the edges of the iris.

To further add realism, you can use a watercolor pencil to lightly sketch in the pupils and veins on your furry friend’s eyes. Be careful not to go too deep, as you don’t want your furby’s eyes to look overly intense. Finally, use a small brush to paint in any stray hairs around the eye area.

Painting Eyes

If you’re a fan of Furby, then you may love painting your own eyes onto them! By following these simple steps, you can create realistic looking eyes on your Furby in no time.


-Furby Eye Paints or any other eye paints that can be used for makeup

-Small brush

-Canvas or paper to work on 


-Sticker paper of your choice (optional)

  1. Start by painting the inside of an eye with one of the Furby Eye Paints. Be sure to use light coats and allow each layer to dry completely before applying the next. When finished, you’ll have a white eyeball. 
  2. Now use black to create pupils and veins in the eye color. Use white to fill in any areas that are left dark. Draw dashed lines around the outside of the eyes to help with shape and placement later on. 
  3. Switch to a small brush and start adding details such as lashes and eyebrows. Try not to go too heavy here – we want our Furby Eyes to look cartoonish, not realistic! 
  4. If desired, stick on some sticker paper featuring personality traits or facial features


Painting furby eyes that look realistic can be a fun project for anyone who wants to add a bit of flair to their Furby collection. By following these simple steps, you will be able to create eyes that are realistic in both appearance and movement. Once you have mastered the basics, experiment with different eye colors and patterns to get the look you want for your Furby.


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