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How To Become A New York Times Best Seller

How To Become A New York Times Best Seller

Everyone knows that to be a New York Times Best Selling Author is all about getting published through the “right” publisher and then having your name added on as an NYT bestseller. This seems easy, but it also seems challenging since most publishers don’t want to take you on unless you’re already successful or already have a following. Author’s J. Brody Bogan wants to show you how to go about being a best selling author even if you’re outside of the system.

Overview of the New York Times Best Seller list

The New York Times Best Seller list is a highly respected and well-known ranking of the top selling books in the United States. The list is compiled weekly by the New York Times Book Review and is widely considered to be one of the most important measures of a book’s popularity.

To be included on the New York Times Best Seller list, a book must meet certain criteria. First, it must be published by a publisher that reports its sales figures to the New York Times. Second, it must be an original work (i.e., not a reissue or an anthology). Third, it must have been on sale for at least four weeks. Finally, it must have sold enough copies to rank among the top 15 percent of all books reported by Times-reporting outlets.

The number of copies required to make the list varies from week to week and depends on overall sales levels for that particular week. For example, in recent years it has generally taken between 5,000 and 10,000 copies sold to make the list.

New York Times bestseller

There’s no one guaranteed path to becoming a New York Times bestseller, but there are definitely some things you can do to increase your chances. First and foremost, write a great book that appeals to a wide audience. Getting good reviews from early readers can also help build buzz and get people interested in your book.

Once your book is published, start promoting it through social media, personal appearances, and other marketing channels. You’ll need to generate a lot of interest and excitement around your book to make it onto the NYT bestseller list. But if you put in the hard work, you just might see your name in lights.

How To Become A New York Times Best Seller

The Role of Sales

In order to become a New York Times Best Seller, one of the key things you need to do is sell a lot of copies of your book.

But how do you actually go about doing that?

There are a few different ways to increase sales of your book. One is by doing events and bookstore signings. This can help create word-of-mouth buzz and also attract media attention, which can then lead to even more sales.

Another way to drive up sales is through online marketing. This can include anything from setting up a website for your book to using social media to get people talking about it. There are a number of different online tools and strategies you can use to help increase awareness and interest in your book, which should ultimately lead to more sales.

Of course, none of this will matter if you don’t have a great book in the first place. So make sure you spend plenty of time perfecting your manuscript before you start trying to sell it!

The Role of Reviews

If you’re hoping to become a New York Times best seller, reviews are going to be key. Good reviews can help to sell copies of your book and also create word-of-mouth buzz that can propel your book up the charts. bad reviews, on the other hand, can hurt sales and make it harder for you to achieve your goal.

When it comes to getting reviews, there are a few different strategies you can use. One is to simply ask friends, family, and colleagues if they would be willing to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. This can be a quick and easy way to get a few positive reviews, but keep in mind that these people may not be totally impartial.

Another strategy is to reach out to bloggers or other reviewers who you think might enjoy your book. This can take more time and effort, but if you’re able to secure even just a couple of positive reviews from influencers in your genre, it can make a big difference.

Finally, don’t forget that you can also offer incentives for people to leave reviews. For instance, you could host a giveaway where everyone who leaves a review is entered into a drawing for a prize. Just be sure not to violate any of Amazon’s policies around incentivized reviews.

So what role do reviews play in becoming a New York Times best seller?

They can definitely help, but there’s no guarantee that they will make or break your chances. ultimately, it’s important to remember that becoming a New York Times best seller is more about writing a great book than anything else. So while reviews can be helpful, focus on writing the best book you possibly can and let the rest fall into place.

The Role of Value for Price

In order to become a New York Times bestseller, an author must have a book with a high value for price. In other words, readers must feel that the book is worth the money they paid for it. There are a few ways to create value for price:

1) offer something unique that cannot be found elsewhere
2) make sure the quality of the book is exceptional
3) ensure that the book provides value through its content (e.g. by teaching something new or providing entertainment).

An author can also increase their chances of becoming a bestseller by working with a team of professionals (e.g. an experienced editor, marketing specialist, etc.), as this will help to ensure that the book is of the highest quality possible.

How To Become A New York Times Best Seller

What genre sells well?

If you want to become a New York Times bestseller, it helps to know which genres sell well. Here are some of the most popular genres that tend to do well on the list:

1. Romance: Love stories are always popular, and romance novels are no exception. If you can write a heartwarming or suspenseful romance novel, you’re likely to find success on the bestseller list.

2. Crime Thrillers: readers can’t get enough of these edge-of-your-seat reads. If you can keep them guessing until the very end, your book will be a hit.

3. Mysteries: Everyone loves a good mystery, and if you can craft a suspenseful whodunit, you could be well on your way to becoming a bestseller.

4. Historical Fiction: This genre continues to be popular with readers, who love getting lost in another time period. If you can transport readers to another era and make them fall in love with your characters, your book will be a success.

5. Fantasy: Books that transport readers to other worlds are always popular, and fantasy novels continue to be bestsellers year after year. If you can create an immersive world and captivating characters, your book will be a hit with readers.

Pros and Cons of becoming a New York Times bestseller

There are pros and cons to becoming a New York Times bestseller. Some people see it as a clear positive – an indication that your book is good enough to be in the company of other great books. Others may view it with suspicion, questioning whether the list is truly representative of quality or simply reflective of popularity. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about becoming a New York Times bestseller:

The Pros:

-The list is compiled using data from hundreds of independent bookstores across the country, so it’s seen as a very accurate reflection of what Americans are reading.
-It’s a great way to get your book noticed by potential readers who may not have heard of it otherwise.
-It can be very beneficial for your career as an author – once you’ve made the list, you’re more likely to be taken seriously by publishers and literary agents.

How To Become A New York Times Best Seller

The Cons:

-Because the list is based on sales figures, it’s possible for a book to become a bestseller without actually being very good. This can lead to disappointment from readers who were expecting something better.
-The list can be difficult to break into if you’re not already a well-known author with a large fan base. Many debut authors never make the list, despite writing excellent books.
-Once you’ve made the list, there’s always the danger of falling off again next week – which can be frustrating and demoralizing.


Becoming a New York Times Best Seller is not an easy feat, but it is definitely achievable with hard work and dedication. Remember to keep your writing style fresh, interesting, and relevant to today’s readers, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a household name. Thanks for reading, and best of luck on your journey to becoming a New York Times Best Seller!


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