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Emma Rhys-Jones: Will she be cheering Gareth Bale on at the World Cup?

Emma Rhys-Jones: Will she be cheering Gareth Bale on at the World Cup?

Emma Rhys-Jones is the wife of Welsh footballing superstar Gareth Bale. As Wales continue to push for a spot in the 2022 World Cup, Emma will be along for the ride, no doubt cheering on her husband as he works toward his ultimate goal of achieving World Cup glory.
As Gareth’s time on the international stage continues, so too does Emma’s. Many people around the world know her name, and she has become an increasingly influential figure in the Welsh football community.

The two started their relationship in 2011, with both Emma and Gareth going from strength to strength ever since. In 2019, they welcomed a daughter into the world and it appears that motherhood has only served to make Emma stronger – as she passionately supports Gareth throughout his career.

She is a well-rounded individual who devotes her spare time to charitable causes such as Mission Save Our Surf and The Loomba Foundation. While accompanying Gareth on his World Cup journey is likely high on the list of priorities for the pair, it remains to be seen just how much of a part Emma will end up playing in his success should Wales qualify for this tournament. Either way, this amazing woman will be sure to be there cheering him on every step of the way.

Emma Rhys-Jones and Gareth Bale

Real Madrid star Gareth Bale is set to feature for Wales at the 2018 World Cup in Russia this summer. His long-term partner Emma Rhys-Jones is expected to be cheering him on from the stands.

The couple have been together for over seven years and have two children together. They met while studying at Cardiff University and moved in together shortly afterwards.

Since then, they have enjoyed a happy and content relationship while both pursuing their successful careers. Emma works as a lawyer, while Gareth has established himself as one of the best footballers in the world.

Although their schedules often mean that they have to spend time apart, they make a point of spending quality time together when they can. This includes attending each other’s sporting events whenever possible.

So it’s no surprise that Emma will be travelling to Russia to support Gareth during the World Cup this summer. She knows how much it means to him and is determined to show her support.

Emma is also well aware of the pressures that come with being a professional footballer, so she will be offering him all the love and encouragement he needs during what promises to be a busy and stressful few weeks.

Timeline of their relationship

The couple met in 2006, when Emma was working as a waitress and Gareth was playing for Southampton. The pair started dating shortly afterwards and they moved in together in 2007. They got engaged in 2010 and they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Alba, into the world in 2012. Since then, they have welcomed two more children into their family: a son named Theo (born in 2014) and another daughter named Mia (born in 2016).

The couple has been through a lot together, including Gareth’s move to Real Madrid in 2013. Despite the long distance between them, they have managed to make their relationship work and they are now closer than ever. With the World Cup fast approaching, Emma will be cheering on her man from the stands and she will no doubt be hoping that he can help lead Wales to glory.

What is her role within this competitive marriage?

Emma Rhys-Jones is the supportive wife of Welsh football star Gareth Bale. She has been by his side throughout his career, cheering him on from the stands and offering encouragement and advice when needed. Despite being fiercely competitive with each other, the couple have a strong relationship and are committed to supporting each other in whatever they do. Emma is an active member of Gareth’s fan club, attending matches and helping to organize events. She is also a qualified nutritionist, which comes in handy for keeping her husband in peak physical condition during long seasons and tournaments.

Emma Rhys-Jones: Will she be cheering Gareth Bale on at the World Cup?

Does she have any say when it comes to Wales or his new club, Real Madrid?

Emma Rhys-Jones is the long-time girlfriend of Welsh footballer Gareth Bale. The two have been together for over ten years, and have two children together. Emma has largely stayed out of the public eye, but has occasionally been seen supporting Gareth at matches.

Now that Gareth is set to move to Real Madrid, people are wondering what Emma’s role will be. Does she have any say in where he plays or how often he plays?

It’s unclear what Emma’s role is in Gareth’s career decisions. She has not publicly commented on his move to Real Madrid. However, it’s possible that she has been consulted on the decision and has given her approval.

At the end of the day, it’s up to Gareth to decide where he wants to play and what club he wants to play for. Emma will likely support him no matter what decision he makes.

How do they deal with being in the limelight?

No matter how much you love your partner, watching them be ogled by other people can be tough. It’s even harder when they’re one of the most famous athletes in the world, like Gareth Bale. Emma Rhys-Jones is no stranger to living in the spotlight, but how does she deal with being constantly in the public eye?

For Emma, it’s all about finding a balance. She knows that Gareth loves his work and she supports him 100%, but that doesn’t mean she enjoys every minute of it. “There are downsides to it, of course. I don’t particularly like seeing girls throwing themselves at him or reading about him in the papers. But you have to accept that comes with the territory,” she told The Sun.

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To cope with living life in the public eye, Emma tries to keep a low profile as much as possible. She rarely gives interviews and shies away from social media. This helps her to avoid any unwanted attention and allows her to live a relatively normal life despite being linked to one of the world’s biggest sports stars.

Where will she be cheering him on during the World Cup?

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s rumored that Emma Rhys-Jones will be cheering on her fiancé Gareth Bale during the World Cup. The two have been dating since 2011 and have a daughter together, so it’s likely that she’ll be his number one fan during the tournament.

There’s no doubt that Emma will be glued to the TV whenever Wales is playing, and she’ll probably be cheering louder than anyone else in the stadium when they make it to the knockout stages. Let’s hope that Gareth can hear her all the way from Russia!


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