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Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Best-Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

The discussion of the best paying jobs in Basic Industries is certainly not a new one. There are many reasons why you might want to work with a company in this industry – it might be that you love working outdoors and don’t mind dealing with different weather conditions, it is a chance to take your kids on the job with you so they can explore everything the world has to offer. The article will discuss these and other options for rewarding careers in basic industries with an eye-opening infographic.

What are some basic industries?

There are many different types of basic industries, but some of the most common include manufacturing, agriculture, and mining. These industries are typically essential to a country’s economy and provide many good-paying jobs.

Manufacturing is the process of making products from raw materials. This can be done by hand, or by using machines. Many different types of products can be manufactured, including food, clothes, cars, and electronic devices. Manufacturing is a very important industry because it provides goods that people need and want.

Agriculture is the process of growing plants and raising animals for food. This industry is essential to human survival, as it provides us with the food we need to live. Agriculture can be done on a small scale, such as in a backyard garden, or on a large scale, such as in a farm field. Either way, it requires hard work and dedication.

Best-Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Mining is the process of extracting minerals and metals from the ground. This industry is necessary for many things, including construction and manufacturing. Mining can be dangerous work, but it also pays well.

Types of Basic Jobs

Basic Industries is one of the categories of employment defined by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs in this sector are typically in natural resource extraction, agriculture, forestry, fishing, and manufacturing.

The median annual wage for all jobs in Basic Industries was $53,040 in May 2019, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $39,810. 

Extraction occupations had a median annual wage of $76,940 in May 2019, which was the highest paying occupation group within Basic Industries. This group includes workers involved in activities such as fishing, logging, mining, and oil and gas extraction. 

The next highest paying occupation groups were farming, ranching, and other agricultural managers ($70,670), first line supervisors of production and operating workers ($63,780), and farmers and ranchers ($62,050).

Best-Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Best paying jobs in these industries

There are many different industries out there that offer great pay. Here are a few of the best-paying jobs in basic industries:

1) Petroleum Engineer – The median annual salary for petroleum engineers is $102,000. They typically work in the oil and gas industry and are responsible for the extraction and production of these natural resources.

2) Construction Manager – The median annual salary for construction managers is $85,000. They oversee the construction of buildings and other structures.

3) Manufacturing Engineer – The median annual salary for manufacturing engineers is $84,000. They develop and improve manufacturing processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

4) Electrical Engineer – The median annual salary for electrical engineers is $80,000. They design, develop, test, and oversee the production of electrical equipment and systems.

5) Air Traffic Controller – The median annual salary for air traffic controllers is $74,000. They direct aircraft traffic on runways and in the airspace around airports .

Best-Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Alternatives to a basic job

There are many alternatives to a basic job in the job market. Here are some of the best-paying jobs in basic industries:

  1. Accountant
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Human Resources Manager
  4. Information Technology Specialist
  5. Marketing Specialist
  6. Operations Manager
  7. Public Relations Specialist
  8. Sales Manager

Best-Paying Jobs In Basic Industries


If you’re looking for a well-paying job in the basic industries sector, there are plenty of options to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best-paying jobs in this sector, so you can make an informed decision about which career path to take. From engineers to managers, there’s something on this list for everyone.

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